Patty (voltaires_vice) wrote in aere_perennius,

Harry Potter

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well, it's not a kids book, but i plan on reading the twilight series.

Deleted comment

What's the Twilight series? I have not heard of them.
I've never been a HP fan (a despiser might be a better description for me....) but if we're talking intelligent fantasy then I'd suggest Susan Cooper's "The Dark Is Rising" sequence. It's so well written I still read it now from time to time.
His dark materials is great. It'll be dead weird seeing it as a film...

How about Lord of the flies or Catcher in the rye? Too cliche?
What's cliché about those?
well I'm guessing that we've all read them/know about them, whereas some of the above are relatively recent.
Do they even count as kids books though? I s'pose in the same way that the later HP ones do (not that I've read any of those - is that blasphemy? I like how Ian Brown had a cameo in one of the films...)

BTW you can do accents on your e's! Teach me oh wise one : )
You do them like this: é è ê :P

You just type the accent you would like and then the vowel immediately after.

I saw the trailer for His Dark Materials and it looked breathtaking.