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aere_perennius's Journal

Aere Perennius
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Book discussion group
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This is a community that likes the written word. A lot.

Join and discuss everything from P.G. Wodehouse to Ohran Pamuk; from band slash to the New Yorker; from Arthur Rimbaud to Helen Fielding.

Introductory posts to the community must consist of a list of your favourite reads, be they books, magazines or short stories, accompanied by a short blurb explaining your love for this particular piece.

If you want to discuss an author or a publication, feel free to start a new topic so that other members may post their comments to this new thread. Please make sure to check that your topic does not already exist in the community archives.

If you have read a book and would like to talk about it, you post your comments to the appropriate thread. That way no one is forced to read the same book everyone else is reading.


1) Write in English, please. Chatspeak is not allowed. Nor is bad spelling. There is simply no excuse for illegible English.
2) No flaming of other members if you would be so kind. Just because someone has never heard of John Keats or Julian Barnes does not mean they're a terrible person and should be attacked for their ignorance. Nor can it be expected that everyone likes Heinrich Heine or Colin Dexter as much as you do. This does not mean that everyone else is lacking in taste and should be forced to read them.